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U.S. Junior Amateur Essays:

2016: Zackary Kaneshiro and Shon Katahira 

2015: Kyosuke Hara

2014: Suppa and Kaneshiro 

Issue No. 13
April 2014
Samiere's U.S. Junior Amateur
Issue No. 12
March 2013

Issue No. 11
April 2012
Issue No. 10

March 2011

Issue No. 9

March 2010

"It's hard to believe that it’s been 10 years already. Thanks to everyone’s support, the Foundation is doing well, and we have been able to carry out our mission of assisting our youth through the game of golf." – David Ishii

Issue No. 8

March 2009

Besides being the staunchest individual supporter of the David S. Ishii Foundation, Yasuko Asada was an accomplished businesswoman, golfer, actress and entrepreneur. Most of all, however, she was David Ishii's friend for more than 40 years.

Issue No. 7

March 2008

You're invited to check out and to use the new David S. Ishii Foundation website. This website will greatly extend the Foundation's outreach capabilities and make it easier for people to stay in touch with the Foundation's activities.

Issue No. 6

February 2007

T.J. Kua will never forget his first impression of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club in California. “I was blown away by the venue!” Kua writes. “A nice course along with a great practice facility and clubhouse – what more could you ask for?...

Issue No. 5

February 2006

Theirs is a brotherhood defined by golf and as strong as any bound by blood. Nearly 40 years ago, youngsters David Ishii, Jay Hinazumi and Wendell Tom got used to being mistaken for each other as the three began their lifelong journeys...

Issue No. 4

January 2005

Issue No. 2

January 2003

Issue No. 1

February 2002